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Become a Broker/Lender today! Purchase leads for as little as $2.95, when purchased in bulk. By becoming a Broker/Lender, you will secure the rights to any leads generated from that person for 48 hours, "free of charge". That's right, FREE of Charge! You will receive the benefit of getting the lead(s) in real time before they are marketed to other brokers and lenders in your area. You get the lead "FREE of charge" for 48 hours. If at any time during the first 48 hours you feel that you have the upper hand in closing the loan, then you will have the opportunity to purchase the lead, and keep that lead from being offered to other lenders and brokers in your area. That's right, you get to work the lead for a full 48 hours before you have to make a decision to keep it exclusively yours, or to let it expire and allow it to go public. Should you purchase the lead, it will remain exclusively yours for 30 days. If, after 48 hours you decide that the lead is not worth pursuing, it will cost you nothing. If a customer in your state (outside of the areas you have purchased) requests a loan, and we do not have a broker/lender in that area, we will forward that lead to the next closest licensed broker/lender in that State. Buy as many areas as you want. Your monthly fee will be automatically billed to your Visa, Master Card or PayPal account. It's that simple.